Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime Watering Can

I have a passion for altering paper.  I love making my own embellishments and creating décor pieces from paper.  So when I came a cross this adorable watering can on Split Coast Stampers, I just had to try it out for myself. 
The tutorial can be found here and the cutting template here.  With the exception of the florist foam inside the can, the straw and the adhesive all product on this piece is from Bella Blvd.  To make the flower stem I covered a straw with washi tape, then I attached the crocheted flower to the top.  To make the leaves cut thin strips of green paper and wrap it around a straw, pencil or other round object to create the curls.  Stick a small piece of florist foam in the bottom, secure with a little adhesive to keep it in place and stick the straw in it.  The butterflies are from a Martha Stewart punch.
This is a fun little project that really doesn't take too much time and makes a cute little décor item. 
Thanks for looking ~ Michelle


  1. That is stinking adorable!! My mother in law would love it! Do the curls keep thier shape easily?

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you! I find the curls stay well once they are made, unless you mess with them. And you can easily reshape the curl if needed.