Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

I was invited to a dear friend's baby shower today.  She's expecting a little boy the beginning of September.  I wanted to give her something handmade and practical.  So in addition to diapers I found a soft handmade swaddling towel, it was a micro fiber towel on the inside with a hood and a fleece layer on the outside. 
I purchased a plain white gift bag and dressed it up with a handmade card and paper ribbon.
Cut thin strips of paper 12" long and wrap around a round object like a straw or pencil.  You can see an example here.  I used 10 strips of two different double sided papers.  Then I tied them together using a piece of baker's twine, not too tight but so the paper doesn't fall out. 
Make sure the baker's twine is long enough and you can tie it to the handle of the bag. 

 For the card I used a template that I found here.  Print it out and trace or tape the pattern to the patterned paper with artists tape and cut out the pattern.  Cut, score and fold as shown.  I added the blue lace ribbon bow and taped the middle flap to the two side flaps.  Then I used a paper piercer to make a whole and hung the card with baker's twine from the bag.

I also made a box to place some onsie cupcakes in. 

You could even add paper ribbon curls to the box for a cute little gift box.  Great for any occasion.
Supply List
Patterned Paper
Score Board
Paper Trimmer
Thanks for looking!