Friday, September 13, 2013

It's A Cupcake Birthday Party!

I'm so excited to share with you my first project created for Zappy Dots!  I received a selection of birthday and cupcake themed Zappy Dot flair buttons to create this project.  I had so much fun creating these cupcake goodies, hope you enjoy this sweet party set.

Cupcake Card

My first project was the cupcake card. 
This is actually a pocket card and the top of the cupcake slides into the base.  To make the card I traced to cupcake shapes (I used a chipboard shape, but anything would work) onto cardstock and cut them out.  Cut one in half where the top of the cupcake meets the bottom, this will make the pocket and the insert.  Now attach patterned paper to the two front pieces.  You can't tell by this picture and the patterned paper I used, but I ran the paper through a paper crimper before adhering to the cardstock piece.  For both pieces I adhered a rectangle of paper and trimmed around it.  Ink edges if desired.
To make the insert piece, trim a piece of cardstock to fit your cupcake, mine was 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".  On one side mark the bottom ends to what the bottom end needs to be, I marked mine at 1/2" on both sides.  Trim from mark to opposite corner to create an angle, repeat for other side and attach the wide end to the back side of the top of the cupcake.  Now add your embellishments.  I love how this Zappy Dot works with this card and papers.

Cupcake Box

To make the box I covered to cupcake chipboard shapes with patterned paper, both sides.  On the sides that were going to be the front and the back I crimped the paper I used for the bottom adhered to the chipboard.  Time to embellish the front and add that special Zappy Dot!  To create the actual box, I traced the bottom portion of the cupcake onto to a piece of cardstock, then using my score board, I scored one line down the bottom of the outline I just drew and measured 1" made another score line and trace the same portion of the bottom of the cupcake.  Use scissors to cut out the box, being careful to leave "wings" on both sides to form your box.  Fold up and adhere together the box and adhere to the inside pieces of the chipboard cupcakes.

Cupcake Toppers

Next up is the cupcake toppers.  I love how these turned out and they are really so simple to make, they would be great for a party with cupcakes.

All you need is a flower shape die (or any shape you want) in a couple sizes.  I used the 3 above for the toppers and the wreath.  For each cupcake topper you need one large and medium flower and one lollypop stick. 
After you cut your shapes ink the edges if desired. 
place a little hot glue on one end of the stick and adhere it to the back side of the smaller shape.  repeat with the front side of the larger piece, the stick will be sandwiched between the paper. 
Then attach your Zappy Dot.  For these I placed a foam dot on the inside and attached with a dab of hot glue.


Last but not least I made a fun wreath using the same die cut shapes.
For the wreath I die cut several pieces of each color and size, I always cut extra so I have a nice variety to choose from.  Start with a 6" wreath form, mine is an mdf base, you could also make one from chipboard.
For each flower I used the end of a small paint brush to gently shape the petals adding a 3dimensional look.  Ink the edges.  A flat layer of flowers around the wreath.  Now layer the top row of flowers, every other one will have a Zappy Dot center and the others will have a small flower center. 
The flowers with 3 layers are attached to the base while the flowers with the Zappy Dot center is adhered with a foam pop up adhesive.
Hope you are inspired to create your own Zappy Dot Cupcake Party!
The following are the Zappy Dots used for the Cupcake Party.
 Thanks for looking!


  1. Wonderful projects!! I esp. love the wreath!

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  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!

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