Monday, September 30, 2013

Love Paris Plaque

Don't you love Paris?  I do! My love probably stems from my Great Grandmother being French.  So whenever I see the Eiffel Tower or something with Paris on it I'm really drawn to it.  Naturally, one of my first projects for the Zappy Dots design team would feature one of their lines with both Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

This project is fairly simple and can easily be adapted to any colors or theme.  I happen to have this unfinished MDF base ready to be decorated and that's where the design began.  Originally I was going to paint the base, but as things came together I actually liked the natural look of the base and just left it as is. 
Next I just layered three different patterned papers, each about a 1/4" smaller than the other.  Then I used my Tim Holtz rosette die to make the rosettes. 
To adhere the Zappy Dots I used my mini hot glue gun.  I first made a hot glue dot and let it cool.  Once it has cooled add another layer of hot glue and adhere to the front of the rosette.  Once it has cooled adhere to the layered squares. 
See, simple and quick to make!
Zappy Dots used on this project
And don't forget....
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