Monday, April 8, 2013

Heidi Swapp Memory File Folder - Part 3

Today I'm sharing my final Heidi Swapp memory file folder mini album.  I really enjoyed with this product and trying some new to me techniques along the way.  Now I have the fun of adding photos and journaling.

For the front cover, I used the orange mat piece I trimmed off a photo frame that we used on the original memory file from the class.  It offers a nice pop of color on this cover.  Layer a tag and a flower over it.  Then I used the color magic paper and a Chromatix pen from American Crafts in Evergreen 3.  The banner shape piece was left over from our class so it was already cut.  Then I layered with a piece from Heidi Swapp trimmings and applied heat to the trim and the pink flower of the same material.  When you heat it the edges curl up.

The first page on the inside is a card made in the card class that I took from Jennifer Evans at Craft Warehouse.  I love taking classes from Jen, she is an amazing talent.  Lots of layers going on the front of this card. 

Here's the inside of the card.  There was a little handmade banner that was orignally to be on this piece, but I saved it and used as an accent in s different folder.

I love this small file folder and the pop of yellow off of it.  Again the yellow piece is trimmed off the back of a photo frame.  Add a tag and a few embellishments and it's photo ready.  The bracket shape at the top is made from fussy cutting around the excess color on one of the label stickers

For the inside of the small file I used one piece of patterned paper, one tag, a couple scraps  and a few embellishments.  I love that you can trim these decorative tags in so many ways to use in so many ways. 

On the back of the small file I used the "negative" side of the die cut banner.  Meaning the banner here is the result of using the piece left after removing the die cut banner.  This is a great way to get as much use out of your product as possibl. 

Here's the last page, again I used a small file folder and folded in thirds to fit the larger file.  On the front is some fussy cut chevron pattern and heart stickers. 

On the inside I used more tags, and emellishments as well as scraps of paper.  I love how all these turned out and have enjoyed sharing them with you.  Hopefully you have enjoyed them too.  Check back soon for another project.

Thanks for looking ~ Michelle

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