Thursday, August 16, 2012

Die Cut Heart Mobile

I got a cricut not too long ago and wanted to share one of the projects I created with it.  I had seen a cute mobile at a Saturday Market and had been wanting to make one of my own for awhile so that was one of my first projects.

I used the inside of a hoop ring for the top and white thread is criss crossed across the ring to allow me to hang strands around the inside and outside.  For the hearts I used my cricut to cut the shapes and I love that with a press of a button you can flip and cut the mirror image.  Then I cut lengths of thread and attached two hearts back to back at several points on the thread.  Attach each strand to the hoop or a piece of thread in the middle until you get the desired look.  Then I covered the hoop with ribbon. 

This is one of my favorite projects and will definately be making another one soon.

Thanks for looking ~ Michelle ~

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